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Kingdom Of Earth in New Orleans

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Kingdom photo

KINGDOM OF EARTH, presented by the newly-formed Tennessee Williams Theater Company of New Orleans, and directed by Augustin J. Correro runs July 31-August 16th! For info and dates/times, go to

Fall 2013 All-Tennessee Williams Advanced Scene Class

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Photos from the final presentation of our Fall 2013 All-Tennessee Williams Advanced Scene Class in NYC. This class featured work on eight Williams plays, many of them set in the Mississippi Delta. We had guest lectures from Williams expert Thomas Keith, and accent coaching from the great Susan Finch. Stay tuned for this year’s classes!




Oct 27 Tennessee Williams Mississippi Delta Seminar in NYC

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Many thanks to all who attended! We had a great time at last Sunday’s NYC seminar, which included film clips from the documentary by director Karen Kohlhaas; a Mississippi Delta accent class with Susan Finch; a talk on Williams’ Delta plays that became Hollywood movies by Thomas Keith, and Melinda Grace and Perri Yaniv (pictured) in a scene from Williams’ early Delta play SPRING STORM. Written when Williams was only 26, SPRING STORM contains themes Williams was to develop in many of his later plays.  Stay tuned for our upcoming events!

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